VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE  (“VNCTEI”), a Delaware Corporation, EIN 86-1621451 DUNS GOVERNMENT  117963599  is responsible for the administration and training of  the VETERANS SALES AGENT PROGRAM.  

 The VETERANS SALES AGENT PROGRAMPROGRAM incorporates all services, products and technology which HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION and COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION represent and provide  marketing, sales and services for both Commercial, Military, DoD, DoE, Government contractors, Law Enforcement, National Labs, bids as prime and subcontractors.  

All VETERANS SALES AGENT PROGRAM shall attend our on-line courses on each product and be certified on these products. These certifications are for sale only and not technical . All Sale Agents must also attend a separate on-line course on each product they which to sale. HVCC has experienced support for all products and well as manufacturing support from every company we represent, provide OEM services for or develop products for.

                                                                                                         VETERANS AGENT PROGRAM Incentive Plan


 VETERAN NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE believes a strong Executive Incentive Plan is a key factor in our successes. Therefore, the following plan has been adopted and implemented.

The VETERANS SALES AGENT PROGRAM will receive incentive compensation of forty percent (40%) of the EBITS (Earning Before Interest and Taxes) on all programs or contracts that they are directly involved or otherwise control the outcome for Honor Valor Courage Corporation and all diversion, LLC. Subsidiaries owed by Honor Valor Courage Corporation.  This includes Naming Rights, government contracts, and commercial contracts, development contracts for Honor Valor Courage Corporation Labs, manufacturing project developed, and all products listed on our advanced technology product listing including BUT NOT LIMITED TO  hydrogen Fuel Cells, Microgrids and Nanaogrids, Nomad Transportable Power Systems, IO HUB Control Systems, Tactical Marine Hydrogen Power Systems,  anti-drone technology, communications systems, data system, security systems, Tactical Waste to Energy Systems, Tactical AWG Water System and other products and services received by Honor Valor Courage Corporations a and Combat Arms Systems Corporation to clients, vendors, partners or direct sales of Honor Valor Courage Corporation and Combat Arms Systems Corporation.

The VETERANS SALES AGENT PROGRAM will also receive ten percent (10%) of the gross profit of any sales contracts which they are responsible for indirectly, but only through their effort, referrals, or contacts. This includes Naming Rights, government contracts, commercial contracts, bids and contracts for the and contracts for the Honor Valor Courage Corporation, technology and science labs, manufacturing and project development. These are not directly involved contracts.

All proposals must be registered with the Chief Sale and Marketing Officer prior to signing of any contracts and approved by the CEO of that Division.

All Execution Incentive Plan shall be paid on the 1st and the 16th follow the first full month after the closing of the following month business to allow for end of month closing.