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VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE  is  a Delaware C Corporation, file number 3756027  EIN 86-1621451.  Registered address is 3004 5th Ave Altoona, Pa 16602. Mr. Dennis M. Butts Chairman is the Principal Equity Holder and Principal Intellectual Property Holder in National Veterans Center & Technology Educational Institute. National Veterans Center & Technology Educational Institute is a qualified Self Certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business SDVOBS. 

The VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES Campuses are designed to be duplicated in multiple locations throughout the United States. Each Campus may have a different appearance from the outside but our programs are consistent at all locations. Each Campus is formed as a separate Limited Liability Company (LLC). We are developing two types of Campuses around the country. First Campus which we will develop for the ground up using modular construction technology known as VNCTEI OA Campuses and the second Indoor Campuses developed from former major Shopping Malls which have closed and we renovate to VNCTEI requirement and specifications known as VNCTEI ID Campuses. All Campuses will be developing energy with Hydrogen Fuel Cell with Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas with microgrids and nanogrids creating a total off grid environment.

The  VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER TECHNOLOGY CAMPUS is dedicated to advanced technology, HVCC Academies, 100MW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plant utilizing Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas Plant with DER and EMS and 100% battery back up by IO Energy,  Secured Certified Data Center, Mirror SCIF (depending on location and fiber) with secured living quarters for personnel,  OC fiber ring and the 20,000 squire foot HVCC Knowledge Center. The Campus will also be home to ISBN.LIVE, THEVETERANS.LIVE and NOW I UNDERSTAND,  BROADCASTING NETWORK's and studios.  The Campus will house a 500 seat lecture center for presentations to government agencies, government contractors, public presentations, Now I Understand Lectures and plays, product demonstrations and more. Each campus will provide campus veterans housing for student and families on the campus. Each campus will be able to house approximate 1000 Veterans Students who will attend classes full time or on our work study program, HVCC Academies or an apprentice at the HVCC Knowledge Center. The housing is in the form of townhouses and condo's for married students and dorms for single student. All HYDROGEN FUEL CELL power utilizing Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas with utilities provided to the living quarters by VNCTEI HYDROGEN ENGERY, Inc. All energy for all building will be provided by VNCTEI HYDROGEN, Inc.  at no cost to the students or building tenants . The Campus also will be home to the administration offices, for the VNCTEI HYDROGEN ENERGY, Inc.  VNCTEI HYDROGEN EBERGY, Inc. does not supply any HYDROGEN FUEL CELL with Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas outside of the Campus or for public consumption of energy. 

The VETERAANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE  MEDICAL CAMPUS will include the most advanced technology, programs, and research for veterans in the country. Our Research Center for TBI, regarding Vietnam veterans will be a keynote feature of the campus. These studies and research have never been done for these veterans and it is now a critical issue to thousands of our veterans from that war. We will involve the greatest Experts, Doctors and Researchers around the world who are involved in TBI and concussion to work on these issues. Mr. Butts himself  was awarded three Purples Hearts for being wounded at Gio Linh and Con Thien, Vietnam, from shrapnel and TBIs. He was part of the television panel on concussion as the expert for veterans in combat. The movie CONCUSSION addressed this issue regarding the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers suicides. Mr. Butts estimates that many thousands of Vietnam Veterans have committed suicide because of the affects (CTE Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) of TBI in combat. The Campus at Greensburg, Pa. will also be dedicated to the veterans’ health programs, reentry programs from Combat programs, PTSD and TBI research and treatment, suicide preventions STOP, Veterans Homeless and Homeless Woman programs, veterans Assisted living housing, independent living housing trade training programs,  Co-Op training Program Hotel Management programs for veterans guest and visitors, HVCC Food Services Programs, Medical Services,  and Lilly's Chapel.

The VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL CAMPUS will be designed from the ground up to be one of the greatest technology centers in the world. It will be a showcase for the most advanced technology in medicine, science, and engineering. From the OC Fiber Ring around the campus, 100MW HYDROGEN PLANT utilizing Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas, DER with EMS, IO Energy microgrids and nanogrids and well as all solar storage storage rack mounted,  with hydrogen fuel cells, full and complete EMP Shield protection for all electronic, to power  all facilities on the campuses and up to 1000 dorms and home exclusive for veterans student,  advanced drone and anti-drone technology, Corporate Knowledge Center, secured certified co-location Data Center, a 200 private living quarters for the secured data center and SCIF personnel,  mirror SCIF, the HVCC Monitoring Center to monitor all systems and alarms for every campus, WorldGate Communities International, all technology networks, UAV Drone Systems and Flights worldwide, the HVCC Knowledge Center, AWG (Atmospheric Water Generator) that produces water from the sun, to our 15 career ACADEMIES, 6 lane fully climate controlled 300 yard firing range for advanced bullet testing and control under COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS (CAS)  and much more will be all incorporated at The VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE.  The total square footage under roof of most campuses will exceed 800,000 sq. ft. on approximately 300 acres. 

WORLDGATE VETERANS COMMUNITIES  will be connected to the Hydrogen Fuel Cell with Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas Power through our Microgrid and Nanogrids to those communities from the Hydrogen Fuel Cell with Natural Gas power plant. The homes and condo at  WorldGate Veterans Communities will be provided to veterans though long term leases and conditional agreements of over 20 years maturity and each WorldGate Veterans Communities (www.worldgatecommunityinternational.com) will have their own HYDROGEN FUEL CELL with Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas connected to our DER and EMS over our IO microgrids and nanogrids. The WorldGate Veterans Communities are not connected to the VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE in anyway except we offer the Veterans and their families the same educational and courses as we do to our students on campus through our MICROSOFT TEAMS NETWORKS for our HVCC ACADEMIES and college courses. Each home is connected to our central MICROSOFT TEAMS PBX as part of the basic HOA plan which includes lease or conditional fees, HYDROGEN Fuel Cells with Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas Power, MICROSOFT TEAMS PBX,  ground maintenance, snow removal and mores. All homes are owned by VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE. Each WORLDGATE VETERANS COMMUNITITES are planned for approximately 10,000 homes. 

Campus Locations are under consideration for VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE Campuses around the country under our Mall Campus program. These campuses are located in former shopping mall which are bought and renovated to meet the requirement of VNCTEI Campuses. Each ID Campus must be a minimum of  800 to 1 million square feet.  Each Campus is a separate Limited Liability Company with the principal equity holder and managing member as Veterans National Center & Technology Education Institute.

Mr. Butts is the Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation which has 34 divisions and LLCs, and 13 Academies. Mr. Butts is A highly decorated Vietnam Veteran and was awarded three Purple Heart Medals as a Forward Observer with Delta 212 Marines attached to First Battalion Ninth Marines (1/9) known as the Walking Dead and the All American Hero Award in 2013 at the Hero Ball during the 2013 Inauguration. There have been three books written about Mr. Butts in Vietnam and his time working with troops with PTSD and TBI. Letters to Mom, Still the Monkey and Beyond the Wall the Journey Home. He was the HOST and producer of the acclaimed  cable TV Show After Action Report for four years and now being relaunched this fall on THEVETERANS.LIVE  broadcasting Network.

VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE  under an agreement with Veterans Sunrise Center, Inc. 501 C 3 to donate a percentage of the profits to the 501 C 3 from the VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONL INSTITUTE  to support the ongoing operations and programs.