HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION a Delaware C Corporation File Number 5910529 EIN Number 81-0861935 Federal DUNS 099880793 shall provide technology knowledge, marketing knowledge, market development expertise, military market expertise, broadcasting knowledge and expertise in both the commercial and military markets and advertising expertise as well as all marketing right worldwide for the PGB.

VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE a Delaware C Corporation  File Number 3756027 EIN Number 86-1621451 the home of the PROGRAMMABLE GLASS BULLET being developing by HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION who as owner of the CRADA Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (In the United States, a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA or CRDA) is an agreement between a government agency and a private company or university to work together on research and development.) for the PGB, with Sandia National Labs and DoE grants VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE (a subsidiary of HVCC) full rights to provide services to HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION for the PROGRAMMABLE GLASS BULLET program including but not limited to,  marketing the 20% REVENUE rights, manufacturing rights, loading rights, all marketing commercial rights both national and international, all government agency marketing rights, all military, DOD, and Government contractors marketing right and all law enforcement marketing rights. As well manufacturing training, bullet loading training, sales agents training, logistic, warehousing, technology services, and transportation of  weapons and ammunition, and all licensing & permits for on-site operations revenue in the OPPORTUNITY REVENUE SHARING PROGRAM for maximum total of 20% of the annualized EBIT derived from the sales of the PROGRAMMABLE GLASS BULLET “PGB”.