Honor Valor Courage Corporation, HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER announced the opening of their office for Federal, International, Military and Commercial, Sales & Marketing, Product Development and Integration at the “Integrated Solution Set” Demonstration and Development Center located in Pennsylvania known as the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER at the VETERANS NATIONA CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE CAMPUS at  GREENSBURG, PA. located on the VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER CAMPUS. The HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER will lease over 20,000 sq. ft. from VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER at $23.00 per sq. ft. 

The HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER has brought together all the HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION Families of Companies and currently forty 100 other companies (with soon to be over 200 other companies) together to form on integrated solution set for clients. The HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER is a Division of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION

This amazing CENTER will be home of HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER integration, research, and testing technology center, which will be use in the development and integrations of advanced technology that HVCC FAMILY OF COMPANIES and its MEMBER companies will use to build projects throughout the world. This is the only center in the world focused totally on technology for assembly and logistics Security Technology on projects around the world. The HVCC has a complete Knowledge Center dedicated to providing consulting and bidding for Corporation, Governments, and Militaries around the Globe in the UAV/Drone markets.

The HVCC “INTEGRATED SOLUTION SETS” DEVELOPMENT CENTER & INTEGRATED LABS will be comprised of over 20,000 square feet of offices and technology development laboratories where every new technology that will be used in our projects, will be researched, tested and integrated with other technologies to form a complete integrated solution set.

This includes housing technology, telecommunication technology, hydrogen, hydrogen fuel cell, solar energy technology, tracking technology, sensors technology, UAV DRONE community protection technology, heating and cooling technologies, broadcasting technology, internet technology, security technology, shipping technology and so much more.

HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER has currently over 100 (100) companies that will be involved in the integrated process at the new facility and by year one we projected over two hundred (200) companies will be involved in the HVCC KKNOWLEDGE CENTER programs. 

Each Member of the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER has a current agreement with HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER for marketing/sales or are part of a Project Memorandum of Understanding and accepted in the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER “INTEGRATED SOLUTION SETS CENTER” CONCEPT. There is no direct cost to be a MEMBER in the HVCC KNOWLEDGY CENTER.

The HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER also incorporates the HVCC Knowledge Center “Contract & Bidding Center” (CBC) where HVCC Family of Companies, partners, vendors, corporations and military client can come together to solve issues or problems for Governments, Military, Companies and Corporations around the globe. This process is unique in that as we receive a project, we open that project up to all our member companies at the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER. The Members can evaluate the project and review the requirement regarding the RFP, RFI or request for Consulting which has been submitted to the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER. At that point, if the Contract or RIF, RFP is accepted, any Member who has input and desires to work on that project or consulting contract, will become part of the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER, project team and will share in any income or revenue derived from that Project or Consulting Contract.

HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER will then confer with the Principals of the project or contract if they want to keep the project or product proprietary or take out to the public. If they desire to take it to the public market, HVCC Assembly & Logistics Group will develop an agreement with the Principals of the process or product to develop Process Patent (A type of utility patent reserved for manufacturing or development processes in which a material or application is treated in a certain manner in order to change its characteristics or functionality for a particular application. The holder of a process patent has been granted the exclusive use of that particular manufacturing process) which includes all Member who has had input and/or has performed work on that contract.  All Members will share in that Process Patent equal to their input or performance of the continuous royalty’s income from that project or product if they choose to be part of the Process Patent. HVCC Family of Companies will develop a marketing and sales agreement with the of the Principals of the Patent.

The HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER make revenue by supplying the products and services of the HVCC Family of Companies to the MEMBER and on the projects, we bid or consult on.

The number of companies which Honor Valor Courage Corporation and the HVCC Family of Companies are very important to the HVCC KNOWLEDGY CENTER in that they bring a steady flow of projects to the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER from their contacts in all parts of the world and many Government Agencies both US and Foreign. This is the life blood of HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER along with the other 200 companies or more that will be part of the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER who will bring projects and clients to the center. 

The HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER becomes a center of magnitude of business that is unmatched in today’s business world.

The first things that had to be developed were to many sub businesses models of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION and then the programs consisting of Corporations, Veteran Owned companies, Corporate Owned LLC. Specialty LLC to create the organization to develop the business with a single purpose mission statement of Educating our Veterans. We had to develop projects that were large enough to attract the major companies. We have done that!

HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER has developed a very profitable business model that is unlike any other business. The ability to bring hundreds of MEMBER Companies who will not only bring business to the HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER but also the intellectual knowledge of their own vast employee base’s is an incredible acknowledgment of what HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER is about.

The HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER low employee cost and high profit model is the envy in the market. Member like Battelle and Noblis who are two of the largest government consulting firms in the country spend hundreds of millions in payroll and benefits for staff and experts. HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER get the availability of that knowledge on project through our exclusive programs.  It is projected at this time our direct burn rate will not exceed at any time including projected payroll $2,500,000.00 per year on a projected revenue of $500,000,000 per year after year four.

The largest expense and use of funds of HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER involves expansion of facilities, monitoring center technology, the development of new LLCs., and increased UAV DRONE inventory, increase of technical installations teams, vehicles development and services vehicles, DEDRONE testing and demonstrational systems. HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER largest requirement is reserve capital for new projects which will come in at all time for major groups, Governments, agencies, commercial companies, defense and agricultural project.

It is important to understand that HVCC KNOWLEDGE CENTER is a for PROFITA COMPANY and there for all projects are developed under a profit center mentality.

Contact Andrew R. Butts to find out more about becoming a MEMBER of the HVCC KNOWLWDGE CENTER with the DEVELOPMENT CENTER and INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGY LABS. Andrew R. Butts is also the contact for all incoming projects and contracts. 

The HVCC ASSEMBLY and LOGISTIC Development Center and Integrated Technology Labs is under the direction of Andrew R. Butts, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer.