The VETERANS TIRE TO FUEL program is part of the OVER ALL WASTE TO ENERGY ZERO BALABCED BUDGET FOR MILITARY BASES developed by Dennis M Butts to allow Military bases to install waste to energy systems to be connected to hydrogen fuel cells to power microgrids and nanograds to provide 100% off grid power to military bases worldwide.

Under this program the bases will receive all new advanced technology power systems at no increase of the current budget and take the base totally of the power grid.

The feed stock for this program is used tires! Tires produce the highest value of renewable natural gas which will in turn provide the gas to the hydrogen fuel cells which will then product all power for the base for lighting, heating, cooling, etc.

VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE will be responsible for the administration of the Veterans Tire Collection program which is a critical part of the overall program.

Under this programs Veterans will be hired around the country to work in each state as Master Agents and then each country will be divided into pick up zones where veterans pick up used tires from retail and wholesales tire centers as well as any junk yards or scrape yards on a circuit and schedule. The tire is then taken to a regional collection center and transfer to 18 wheeler trucks to be transferred to the Waste 2 Energy process plant for processing.

Veterans will be paid per tire picked up on their route daily. It is estimated the monthly income to Veterans can be as high a $5,000 to $7,000 per month based on the route.

All vehicles will be company vehicles which are fully insured and maintained by VNCTEI.