VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is a strong supporter of the VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER, Inc., 501 C 3 and ALTHELES FOR VETERANS, Inc. 501 C 3. These are two of the most amazing charities for our veteran's which utilize the charities to further  the medical services, educational programs, outreach programs and community development programs. Unlike other 501 C 3 they do not spend their time begging for donation but utilize creative donation and events program that return huge donations from corporation, athletes and veterans groups.  VETERAN NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE is proud and honored to support these two charities through donations, broadcast and events. ** Disclaimer: Mr. Butts and no corporation of which he is Chairman is a Board Member or in anyway affects or influences the decision of or operations these two Charities. We are strictly a donor as other corporations and individuals who believe in their mission.  


Veterans Sunrise Center Inc. will manage, own and operate the facilities of the complex. This will include all infrastructure and maintenance. In addition, funds may be solicited and collected for various capital projects so that the donated funds could be used, as an example, for the construction of a new building or the purchase of an MRI unit, and having it named after them.

Athletes for Veterans Inc. was formed to utilize donations stemming mainly from professional athletes, who desire to share their good fortunes with Veterans. The fund will resemble an endowment fund. Proceeds from the fund will assist Veterans who may have shortfalls in their individual health and residential expenses.

Veterans receive governmental; benefits based upon a degree of “eligibility”. Often medical, residential and other necessary expenses for a veteran are not fully met by the government benefits or from their personal resources. Athletes for Veterans Inc. will provide grants or direct funding to veterans utilizing the Veterans Sunrise Center so that those needs can be met.

VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY, HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION, HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION  and COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION have pledged to donate 10% to 15% of their EBITS (earnings before interest and taxes) These donations amounts to millions of dollars each year and Mr. Butts Chairman of these companies ask other corporations, athletes and veterans to help support these excellent charities. 

Mr. Butts will use his three broadcasting networks broadcast to reach donors worldwide.  TheVETERANS.LIVE, ISBN.LIVE and NOWIUNDERSTAND,LIVE BROADCASTING NETWORKS. 

HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION  is also the Title and Presenting sponsor of the MONTPELIER HUNT RACE which draws 20,000 high profile and high income individuals and corporation every year. HVCC also caters this event and has the largest hospitality tent for our VIP Guest. This event will create millions in donation for our veterans. ​