​​​As projects moves forward project news, pictures, diagrams, site work and layouts will be posted on the VNCTEI NEWS. Visit often to see all the updates. 

Mr. Butts Chairman of VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE in West Virginia has declared that the campus and WorldGate Veterans Communities will not be built do to many factures. I wish to thank the many individual, companies and government agencies who were involved with the project. HVCC will focus VNCTEI on projects that are able to be done as our programs on the PGB Programable Glass Bullet, Hydrogen programs, WorldGate Community International, The HVCC Academies,  HVCC Assembly & Logistic manufacturing of HYDROGEN Products. 

Mr. Butts announced that THEVETERANS.LIVE Broadcasting Network will be one of the broadcasting networks to carry the AFTER ACTION REPORT 2 which will cover Veterans PTSD & TBI Research the newest in weapons technology and new advances in energy technology and VNCTEI TV which will cover Veterans sports, news and entertainment.  These broadcast are sent world wide over the ISBN.LIVE Satellite CDN Network as well as our Interactive ISBN.LIVE interactive Broadcasting Network.  THEVETERANS.LIVE will be directed over our CDN toward our 20,000 veterans veterans at VETERANS HOSPITALS and VETERANS FRATERNA ORGANIZATION with events centered around the   THEVETERANS.LIVE  will also deliver these broadcast to Military Bases and worldwide and all MWR locations on bases. 

Mr. Butts announced that as of last night ISBN.LIVE will no longer be involved in the broadcast of any of the National Steeplechase Association events and therefore THEVETERANS.LIVE and

NOWIUNDERSTAND .Live  Broadcasting Networks will not carry any broadcast related to the National Steeplechase Association. 

Mr. Butts has also put a hold on all new Campus development programs known as Open Air Campuses which are built from ground up. This does not affect the development of Campuses that are developed under our ID Campus program. We are currently evaluation major campuses around the country for these campuses. 

Mr. Butts has put a  indefinite hold on the development of the West Virginia Campus project do to the killing of the Oil and Gas business by Biden Administration which will adverse the project.

Mr. Butts is currently analyzing  location for OA Campuses as well as ID Campuses. We are talking to government officials on the requirements for HYDROGEN FUEL CELL power plants utilizing Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas on the campuses.  

Mr. Butts has put the West Virginia Campus project on hold to determine if the project must go to the PUC Public Service Commission to receive approval for the Campus. This could take months or even years to obtain final approval making the project not doable. Mr. Butts is working with the Attorney for the WV PSC  to resolve this issue either way. 

Mr. Butts has announced the has received the final approval from both Sandia National Labs as well as the Department of Energy to move forward with CRADA for the Programmable Glass Bullet .

HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION will work through VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE to provide manufacturing training, bullet loading training, sales agents training, logistic, warehousing, technology services, and transportation of  weapons and ammunition, and all licensing & permits for on-site operations. .  

Mr. Butts has filed and approved the final CRADA with SANDIA NATIONAL LABS and DoE which is a very important part of the programming  and training for VNCTEI. VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE will become the new home of the PROGRAMMABLE GLASS BULLET currently being developing by HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION “HVCC”, SANDIA NATIONAL LABS., and the Department of Energy (DoE). HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION shall provide technology knowledge, manufacturing rights, loading rights, all marketing commercial rights both national and international, all government agency marketing rights, all military, DOD, and Government contractors marketing right and all law enforcement marketing rights,

HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION will work through VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE to provide manufacturing training, bullet loading training, sales agents training, logistic, warehousing, technology services, and transportation of  weapons and ammunition, and all licensing & permits for on-site applications of the PROGRAMMABLE GLASS BULLET.  

VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE will also house the first and only fully CCFR (Climate Controlled Firing Range) and will be involved in the testing of the  the PROGRAMMABLE GLASS BULLET. The CCFR will be 900 foot range with 6 lanes two of which are 100% climate controlled with temperature ranges of plus 150 F to minus -50 degrees with adjustments made in degrees. 

CRADA between Sandia National Laboratories and Honor Valor Courage Corporation


The purpose of this Umbrella CRADA between National Technology & Engineering Solutions of Sandia (NTESS) and Honor Valor Courage Corporation (HVCC) is to enable NTESS to work with HVCC in the development and commercialization of security technologies that strengthen our nation’s security capabilities.  

Reasons for Cooperation

The benefit to NTESS under this CRADA is two-fold. First, this CRADA will seek funds from HVCC to advance the maturity of new security technologies that represent a positive value proposition to HVCC. Secondly, the Agreement  establishes a private collaborator to commercialize security technologies developed by NTESS. A commercial collaborator is one of the necessary components for NTESS to successfully field new security technologies. Given HVCC’s ability and willingness to invest in the R&D necessary to mature a security technology, upon maturity of the technology, and mutual agreement between NTESS and HVCC, HVCC will commercialize the technology, including manufacturing, sales, and post-sale logistical support if appropriate. NTESS possesses the technical resources to develop security technologies and HVCC has the business acumen, connections, capital, and infrastructure to commercialize key security technologies.

 Public Abstract

NTESS will work with HVCC to commercialize new and effective security technologies capable of strengthening our nation’s security and securing our borders. The technologies being considered represent next generation security technologies being developed by NTESS and will be commercialized by HVCC to be available to privately owned entities such as nuclear plants that generate electrical power, airports, and airlines. The technologies will also be made available to U.S. Agencies with security missions.


This Umbrella CRADA between National Technology & Engineering Solutions of Sandia (NTESS) and Honor Valor Courage Corporation (HVCC) is intended to advance maturity of new security technologies with the ultimate goal of commercializing a technology, making it available for both private and government security applications.

The following categories of activities will be used to identify technologies appropriate for investment, commercialization, and advancement to a fielded capability. 


Mr. Butts states that two of the Research Centers at the  Campus will be TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and Agent Orange Research Center for Vietnam Veterans. Agent Orange is having a huge detrimental effect of Vietnam Veterans. The TBI is have the same detrimental effect of Veterans from Vietnam which the VA is not recognizing as a major Vietnam era suicide cause and effect. The Research Centers will have a combine space of 20,000 square feet. 



The home will be built be Custom Modular Direct from a variety of designs and sizes the Veterans can select from and features for their homes.  The communities are designed by the famed Architect David L. Wallace. 

The first WorldGate Veterans Community will incorporate a 100MW solar farm with IO Energy Storage which are rack mounted in a secured building with full 100 % battery backup, Distributed Energy Resource  and Energy Management System over IO microgrid to a nanogrid starting on the VSCTEI CAMPUS in West Virginia to the veterans homes. Each home with be equipped the the required IO management system as well as full protection for lighting strikes, solar flairs and EMPs by EMP SHIELD. The entire solar field will be protected by EMP SHIELD as well as the Secured Battery Storage Center and the Secured Certified Data Center are designed as a HVCC EPW DEFENSE CENTERS.  Also each home will be equipped with IO-5M Portable Battery storage systems for medical equipment if required by the veterans as backup to our backup. All power to the home will be 100% off-grid. 

Each WorldGate VETERANS COMMUNITY features a completely equipped medical center on site which will be staff by nurses and medical technicians for routine and emergency care. These center will be equipped with HIPPA Certified MICROSOFT TEAMS  NETWORKS for complete video communications and consultation with hospitals, Veterans Administration Teams and personal Doctors of the Veterans. 

Another unique feature of this program is how the veterans can buy there homes. The mortgage are guaranteed by Veterans Sunrise Center, Inc. 501 C 3 for the Veterans or the Veterans Sunrise Center, Inc. 501 C 3 will make the loan t the veteran and the payment will be made back to the 501 C 3 as a donation as the veteran can pay it back. All WorldGate VETERANS COMMUNITY  homes are sold exclusively by in-house personnel an
d are not paid a commission of sales.  


Mr. Butts confirmed with Realtor Chris Ross one possible property we are look at for the West Virginia Campus and begin discussing terms and that the property will be purchase from the BOND proceeds. The property is owned by National Fruit Company of Winchester, Va. Mr. Butts also confirmed that there is also many additional acers of land owned by National Fruit connected to the projects Campus approximately 1000 acres to be developed for our WorldGate Community Metro Homes, Townhouses and Condos. Additional acres were also discussed for development near the old homestead of Mr. Butts family farm where the current IRS and Coast Guard Data Center now reside off route 9 Martinsburg, West Virginia. the Eastern Panhandle is listed as part of the DC metro area. All properties being evaluated are on the 81 Corridor and the Rt 9 Corridor in Berkley and Jefferson Country West Virginia. 


Mr. Butts has selected CORNING to build the fully secured data center for our projects. Under this agreement Equinix will build the entire and complete 100,000 square foot data center as a turn key stand alone center fully owned but VSCTEI under the BOND. 


Mr. Butts Chairman of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION  under the division HVCC ENERGY GROUP and Chairman of VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONLA INSTITUTE has announced that Honor Valor Courage Corporation is now a full non-stocking distributor of the full line of INSTANT ON ENERGY products. These products will be utilized in all projects including all Veterans Sunrise Center & Technology Educational Institute and WorldGate Community International projects.  
HVCC ENERGY GROUP will also be authorized to develop and sale to the commercial markets, Federal Government under IDIQs and Federal Government Contracts Vehicles.

The agreement will also authorized HVCC ENERGY GROUP develop retail sales through the military POST EXCHANGES (Retail sales on the attached items only).
AAFEXS: The Army & Air Force Exchange Service is the retailer on U.S. Army and Air Force installations worldwide. The Exchange is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and its director/chief executive officer is Tom Shull. The oldest and the largest of the Department of Defense's exchange services is No. 61 on the National Retail Federation's Top 100 Retailers list.
NEX: Navy Exchange is a retail store chain owned and operated by the United States Navy under the Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM). The Navy Exchange offers goods and services to active military, retirees, and certain civilians on Navy installations in the United States, overseas Navy bases, and aboard Navy ships. The Navy Exchange is a type of base exchange, but is separate from the others (Army & Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES), Marine Corps Exchange, and Coast Guard Exchange).

HVCC ENERGY GROUP will become the only non-stocking distributor for INSTANT ON ENERGY. Under this exclusive program HVCC Energy Group will develop contracts under the HVCC ENERGY GROUP banner and buy the products from INSTANT ON Energy at wholesale pricing. HVCC ENERGY GROUP will establish all markups and pricing for GSA, and Government contracts as well as all IDIQs. HVCC ENERGY GROUP is authorized under this agreement to sale all product to the commercial client also. 
Products included in this agreement:

IO MICROGRIDS and NANOGRIDS Island off the grid. IO designs, builds, aggregates, and commissions advanced Demand Response Enabled Microgrid Solutions, paired with on-site energy generation, for qualified Commercial, Industrial, and Municipal customers. Advanced Energy Storage with Distributed Energy Generation can enable your facility to backup essential equipment, unlock utility savings, and potentially lead to grid independence. On-site Generation often is cheaper, more reliable, and comes with a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional utility supply. 
*Note: All sales under this program will be part of the Honor Valor Courage Corporation 501 C 3 donations program. 

IO SOLAR STORAGE both (HV) HIGH VOLTAGE and (LV) LOW VOLTAGE LITHIUM IRON PHOSPHATE BATTERIES for commercial, industrial and residential  applications. IO STORAGE is available as rack mounted inside secured applications as well as outside environmental  secured applications.
IO has secured a white label high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) lithium iron phosphate batteries for residential, commercial and industrial usage. Residential energy storage systems (ESS) are a crucial component to improving energy resiliency for homeowners.  Natural disasters, and the increasing frequency of grid failures and black outs leave residential customers without power and feeling vulnerable. 
IO Fuel Cells In the face of blackouts, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters, customers experience first-hand the need to decouple their reliance on the utility companies, to protect against outages, and to ensure resiliency for homes and businesses. Traditional backup generators have been described as a dirtier, less safe, and expensive solution. Solar, even if paired with batteries, do not guarantee protection. Microgrid energy systems which utilize Fuel Cells provide reliable resiliency. 

IO CLEANTECH  AUTOMATED SOLAR PANEL CLEANING SYSTEM increases solar energy production in an instant. Minimum Dirt & Maximum production. 

IO-EYE 30 Watt  Solar Powered LED Floodlight Innovative SMART All Night Capabilities Remote Wifi Security HD Color Camera Retrofit for 150-250w Mh Bulb 

Dark Sky Compliant with Minimum Glare Lowest Light Pollution in the Industry Motion Detector and Photocell Unit Easy to Install, Move, and Maintain Uses No Wired Grid Electricity 325 Watt Hour Lithium Iron Battery System Backup Capacity for 3+ Days Without Sunlight

IO-5M from INSTANT ON ENERGY is expanding the horizon of standby on-demand power. The mobile generator IO-%M that can power a wide range of applications including household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, electronics, power tools and much more. The IO-5M is built with the same high power Lithium Iron Phosphate (UFePO4) cell technology that we use in our commercial and utility scale high voltage energy storage systems. 


5.12 kWh energy storage, 2500 W pure sine wave inverter, MPPT solar charge controller, AC charging, AC out put,/USB output, scalable with additional battery capacity, high cycle life and wheel mounted

IO CONTROLS:  IO equips businesses with unparalleled insights and control over their energy use. It identifies when energy is being used and which equipment is most energy-hungry. Businesses are able to control their usage remotely from any location using a computer, smartphone or tablet. They can set schedules to take advantage of low ToU tariffs or allow IO to automate the process. IO’s pre real-time algorithm assists with peak load management by shaving demand (using hierarchical switching) or increasing supply.




Mr. Butts met on a call with the Principal of EMP SHIELD Mr. Andrew Bucchin and developed an major agreement between HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION Chairman/Chairman of Veterans Sunrise Center & Technology Educational Institute and EMP SHIELD to provide protection from EPW (Electronic Pulse Weapons) for our solar fields and all electronic equipment. This is a special agreement between Honor Valor Courage Corporation and EMP SHIELD for our projects.  EMP SHIELD is a major provider to DOD and DOE protection for EPW attacks. Our agreement will also cover our projects with DOD. 


Mr. Butts met on ZOOM with the Principal of INSTANT ON ENERGY and put together a agreement to provide full high-power Lithium Iron Phosphate cell technology for our 100MW solar field storage which will be located in our Certified Secured Data Center. The required sq. ft. for the racks of batteries is 40,000 sq. ft. with has already been allocated in the data center. INSTANT ON ENERGY will also be the provider of all our microgrids and Nano-grids for our Veterans Sunrise Center & Technology Educational Institute. 

IO has secured a white label high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) lithium iron phosphate batteries for residential, commercial and industrial usage. Residential energy storage systems (ESS) are a crucial component to improving energy resiliency for homeowners.  Natural disasters, and the increasing frequency of grid failures and black outs leave residential customers without power and feeling vulnerable.

When combined with a solar system or used for backup power, home owners can secure their own energy independence with our home energy storage system.

Our most exciting offering is our IO-5M™ portable battery that can power a wide range of applications including household appliances such as portable air conditioners, refrigerators, electronics, power tools, and much more.

The IO-5M™ is built with the same high-power Lithium Iron Phosphate cell technology that is used in our commercial and utility scale high voltage energy storage systems.

With the IO-LV™ residential Energy Storage System installed, customers can protect their homes with energy resilience and mitigate the risk of grid failures and natural disasters by producing and storing their own energy as their own power microgrid.  Our efficient LV battery packs can be deployed with a wide range of industry standard 48V inverter and PCS systems.

The batteries are designed to be long lasting and can be easily programmed with leading controls software to maximize your energy savings for your home, enable islandability, and safeguard rebate compliance. Take complete control of your home energy automation that allows you to remotely control appliances and improve your disaster readiness.

Our advanced IO-HV™ High Voltage Energy Storage Systems allows companies to mitigate economic risk with on-site independent backup power to essential equipment while helping to insulate operating expenses from utility rate increases and fluctuations in power supply.

The HV-ESS is designed for 3 phase electrical architecture in commercial applications and easily integrates with a broad selection of high power inverters, power control systems and energy management systems.


Mr. Butts, Chairman, Mr. Weidlich, Chief of Staff, Honor Valor Courage Corporation and Justine Lafferty HVCC FOOD SERVICES GROUP mat with Fran Deialio principal  and President for George Delallo Company,  and John Bilyak  SIOR, CCIM Principal | Pittsburgh, Industrial Brokerage of COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL regarding the 77,877 SF with 13,572 SF refrigeration warehouse, and 3,530 SF of office space warehouse in Greensburg, Pa. The warehouse was found to be in excellent condition with 13 docks height doors with manual levers with dock seals locks, one drive-in door into refrigerated warehouse, concrete apron for docks and trailers  SMACNA standards, all public utilities to site, 16 to 23 clear ceiling heights, We found Fran and John very helpful o many fronts and it was decided to move forward with a proposal on the property by all parties. 

We also had excellent talk and impromptu presentation on TEMP-COAT an HVCC ENERGY GROUP product which will be in very heavy use in all our VSCTEI projects. Both Mr. Bilvak and Mr. Delalio express great interest in buying the product TEM-COAT 101 as well as several other TEMP-COAT products. Informational of all products have been sent to both.


Mr. Butts Chairman, Honor Valor Courage Corporation, HVCC FOOD GROUP and VSCTEI signed an agreement with Northern Waters Fish Company to provide excellent fresh fish, seafood and meat products for our Veterans and staff at VSCTEI through various contracts with the Indian Nations of the United States  and Canadian Tribes. Under this agreement Northern Waters Fish Company will also provide all types of saltwater fish, pork for Manitoba Canada tribes and even Bison meat. This contract represents potential harvest of millions of pounds of sustainable yearly fish to VSCTEI projects, This is a huge contract for the American and Canadian Indian Nations.

HVCC FOOD GROUP will be signing a contract with Railroad City Foods of Pennsylvania representing the Pennsylvania Amish Communities to provide fresh produce, poultry and meat to VSCTEI.