IRS approved Veterans Sunrise Center, Inc. 501 C-3 as well as 501 C-3 Athletes for Veterans, Inc. 

The VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE CAMPUS Medical programs and 501 C 3 programs will be located in Greensburg, PA.  

The VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER, Inc. and ATHLETES FOR VETERANS, Inc. 501 C-3 are a main and intricate part of the VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE programing. VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER, Inc. 501 C 3 and ATHLETES FOR VETERANS were filed by Mr. David Goldsmith and approved by IRS on April 20, 2018 as Charitable Deductibility. Mr. Goldsmith is the Founder of the 501 C 3 programs at VSCTEI. David Goldsmith is the Vice Chairman and CEO of  Veterans Sunrise Center, Inc. 501 C-3 and Athletes for Veterans, Inc. 501 C-3. 

Many of the programs at VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE will fall under the partnering 501 C 3's  and various departments and programs will work with 501 C 3s on programs to avail the programs for funding from donations, endowments, grants and diversity funding partnerships from those partnerships. Many of our programs will be developing ongoing research and programs for our Veterans in conjunction with Medical Centers, Hospitals, Corporations, Veterans Administration, Athletes and Universities who support our programs. These programs are best developed within the 501 C-3 environment. The 501 C-3 VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER, Inc, and ATHLETES FOR VETERANS were filed as Delaware corporations by David Goldsmith and approved by IRS on April 20, 2018 as Public Charities Status 170 (b) (1) (A) (v1) Contribution Deductibility (yes) 

A major continuous source of funding for these programs is the HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION direct donations to VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER, Inc. 501 C-3, and ATHELETS FOR VETERANS, Inc 501 C-3 for support of programs of these charities missions. Honor Valor Courage Corporation will make donations from revenue from HVCC (14) (of 34) Divisions and LLCs as 15% support endowments monthly to Veterans Sunrise Center 501 C 3 from all EBITS from sales of products and services.

​Veterans Sunrise Center, Inc. which is a full certified IRS 501 C 3 public charity. The Veterans Sunrise Center, Inc.  brings the charitable Non-Profit programming  planned for the Veterans Sunrise Center & Technology Educational Institute  includes a full  stabilization clinic, treatment unit, support living programs, independent living programs, (total housing 1500 housing units), physical therapy unit, Center for Veterans  PTSD and TBI research, Agent Orange Research Center, aging Veterans, homeless Veterans, separate women Veterans treatment and housing, re-entry Veterans Programs and suicide prevention program “STOP”. The project also includes a complete a Veterans Court Prep Program which will be serviced and staffed with voluntary attorneys. 

Greensburg, PA. Campus will include the most advanced technology, programs and research for veterans in the country. Our Research Center for TBI, regarding Vietnam veterans will be a key note feature of the campus. These studies and research have never been done for these veterans and it is now a critical issues to thousand of our veterans from that war. We will involved the greatest Experts, Doctors and Researchers around the world who are involved in TBI and concussion to work on these issues. Mr. Butts himself  was awarded three Purples Hearts for being wounded at Gio Linh and Con Thien, Vietnam, from shrapnel and TBIs. He was part of the television panel on concussion as the expert for veterans in combat. The movie CONCUSSION addressed this issue regarding the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers suicides. Mr. Butts estimates that many thousands of Vietnam Veterans have committed suicide because of the affects (CTE Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) of TBI in combat.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Explained

The condition known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) was formerly believed to exist primarily among boxers, and was referred to as dementia pugilistica. It is a progressive degenerative disease which afflicts the brain of people who have suffered repeated concussions and traumatic brain injuries, such as athletes who take part in contact sports, members of the military and others. The term encephalopathy derives from Ancient Greek en- "in," kephale "head," and patheia "suffering." Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a condition of brain damage which persists over a period of years or decades and which is the result of traumatic impacts to the cranium.

The brain of an individual who suffers from chronic traumatic encephalopathy gradually deteriorates and will over time end up losing mass. Certain areas of the brain are particularly liable to atrophy, though other areas are prone to becoming enlarged. Another aspect of CTE is that some areas of the brain experience an accumulation of tau protein, a substance which serves to stabilize cellular structure in the neurons but which may become defective and subsequently may cause major interference with the function of the neurons.

Symptoms of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

The symptoms of CTE can be debilitating and may have life-changing effects for both the individual and for his or her family. Some of the most common include loss of memory, difficulty controlling impulsive or erratic behavior, impaired judgment, behavioral disturbances including aggression and depression, difficult with balance, and a gradual onset of dementia. An individual with CTE may mistakenly ascribe the symptoms to the normal process of aging, or might receive a wrong diagnosis due to the fact that many of the symptoms are similar to other conditions such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. CTE has been diagnosed in several notable cases which received widespread media attention, including the suicide deaths of NFL player Junior Seau, and professional wrestler Chris Benoit who committed suicide after murdering his wife and son.

Diagnosing Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Brain Injury Research Institute doctors Bennet I. Omalu, M.D. and Julian Bailes, M.D. were the first to diagnose CTE in a professional football player in 2002. The condition has so far only been diagnosable through the post-mortem examination of the brain of an individual suspected of suffering from CTE. A grant provided by our organization, however, made possible a recent UCLA study which appears to have opened the door to being able to diagnose CTE in living test subjects, by identifying concentrations of tau protein. With diagnostic tests which can identify the signs of early onset CTE, it would be possible to screen professional athlete, military personnel and others who are at risk for developing this condition so as to safeguard their future health and happiness. We are working tirelessly to discover further information which will make it possible to diagnose CTE among the living, as well as to find a way to treat the condition. Our work is not funded by the NFL or other professional sports organizations - in fact, the NFL initially attacked our claims that concussions suffered while playing football could cause CTE. Instead, we are supported through fundraising and donations. Contact us now to learn more about our work and to find out how you can help.

 The Athletes for Veterans, Inc. 501 C-3 is dedicated to providing services to our veterans through the many athletics program of Honor Valor Courage Corporation including ISBN.LIVE, Interactive Sports Networks, LTA (Leadership Through Athletic), tournaments and HVCC Sport Camps donations programs.  

 VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER, Inc. 501 C3 and ATHLETES FOR VETERANS 501 C 3 will support other 501 C 3 dedicated to veterans and their families as FOLDS OF HONOR FOUNDATION and TUNNELS TO TOWERS FOUNDATION. 


VETERAN SUNRISE CENTER, Inc. 501 C 3 Programs 

 Veterans stabilization clinic

Veterans Treatment Unit

Veterans Support Living Programs

Veterans Independent Living Programs

physical therapy unit

Veterans with PTSD Lab

Veterans TBI Lab

Center for aging Veterans

Center for homeless Veterans

Women Veterans’ treatment and independent living programs

Empowered Women’s Program

Veterans Re-entry Workforce Veterans Training Programs

Suicide Prevention Program “STOP”

Veterans Court Prep Program

     ATHLETES FOR VETERANS 501 C-3 Programs

The Athletes for Veterans, Inc. 501 C-3 is dedicated to providing services to our veterans, troops and their families through the many athletics program of ATHELETES FOR VETERANS including ISBN.LIVE, Interactive Sports Networks, LTA (Leadership Through Athletic), ATHLETES FOR VETERANS sponsored tournaments, ATHLETES FOR VETERANS Sponsored Adult Leagues and ATHLETES FOR VETERANS Sport Camps for children of Veterans programs, .


Interactive Sports Networks Academies and Camps ( an HVCC Division)

LTA (Leadership Through Athletic) ( an HVCC Division)

ATHELTES FOR VETERANS Sports Camps for Children of Veterans

ATHLETES FOR VETERANS Adult Sponsored Leagues (soccer and softball) for Veterans with Broadcasting from ISBN.LIVE

ATHELTES FOR VETERANS sponsored tournaments
            Lacrosse LAX
           Marksmanship Pistol and Long-Range competition
           Combat City Course Competition  Military and Law Enforcement
              Veterans Titan Games


VETERANS SUNRISE CENTER, Inc. 501 C3 and ATHLETES FOR VETERANS 501 C 3 will support other 501 C 3 dedicated to veterans and their families as FOLDS OF HONOR FOUNDATION and TUNNELS TO TOWERS FOUNDATION.