Funding for the project is a combination of Corporate Sales of major products, separate Corporate Bonds for various programs and technologies, Government Contracts, Private Equity, In-Kind Corporate Support, Naming Rights, Opportunity Revenue Partnerships, Real Estate Sales and Corporate Diversity Funds Endowments and Grants as well as from 15% Supporting Funds from the  revenue of sales, projects, programs and contracts of Honor Valor Courage Corporation. Also, the cost is off set by the corporate IN-KIND programs as well as Naming rights on sections of the project. 

The time frames are critical to the executions of funding methods. All building are built in modular design by Modular Direct in their factories which will cut our time to delivery by fifty percent over stick built.  Architects and over 100 technology partners and vendors have been notified and are working on this project. All systems are installed at the factory allowing concurrent operations with manufacturing. The trenching and excavation takes place simultaneously as the building construction. Evaluation of addition partners and in-kind support companies is underway in all areas.

The time line for opening is two years from ground breaking scheduled for 2021 fall.  It is critical that this project is turnkey, meaning all doors open at the same time no phase build out.