VSCTEI West Virginia Campus, LLC  and  WorldGate Veterans Communities, LLC. a WorldGate Community International  a subsidiary and  a division of  HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION, will be  building thousands of homes for our Veterans,  utilizing our 100MW HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS with Natural  Gas and Renewable Natural Gas, IO Battery Storage, DER and EMS over IO Microgrids and Nanogrids.  WorldGate Veterans Communities are planned throughout the Unites States for our Veterans. The home will be built be built with Modular Technology from a variety of designs and sizes the Veterans can select from and features for their homes.  

The first WorldGate Veterans Communities will incorporate a 100MW HYDROGEN FUEL CELL POWER PLANTS with Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas, IO Energy Storage which are rack mounted in a secured building with full 100 % battery backup, Distributed Energy Resource  and Energy Management System over IO microgrid to a nanogrid starting on the VSCTEI CAMPUS in West Virginia to the veterans homes. Each home with be equipped the the required IO management system as well as full protection for lighting strikes, solar flairs and EMPs by EMP SHIELD. The entire solar field will be protected by EMP SHIELD as well as the Secured Battery Storage Center and the Secured Certified Data Center are designed as a HVCC EPW DEFENSE CENTERS.  Also each home will be equipped with IO-5M Portable Battery storage systems for medical equipment if required by the veterans as backup to our backup. All power to the home will be 100% off-grid. 

EachWorldGate Veterans Communities features a completely equipped medical center on site which will be staff by nurses and medical technicians for routine and emergency care. These center will be equipped with HIPPA Certified MICROSOFT TEAMS NETWORKS for complete video communications and consultation with hospitals, Veterans Administration Teams and personal Doctors of the Veterans. 

These WoirldGate VVeterans Communities are provided by our HVCC Supporting 15% contributions from all sales to the Veterans Sunrise Center 501 C 3 and Athletes For Veterans 501 C3 for this purpose